Buying a crop duster nowadays is not so difficult. Aircrafts are used in agriculture to conduct chemical processing of crops. Such works make it possible to quickly fertilize the plants and protect them from pests and diseases. You can buy an aircraft of the desired configuration on the Foodbay website.

Why should a farmer buy a crop duster Agricultural Aircrafts

The processing of fields requires application of specialized aircrafts or usual devices adapted to the implementation of agricultural works. In the second option, in order to endow the machine with required functions, it is provided with additional equipment. An-2 aircraft was often called “crop duster” in the Soviet Union, because it was often used to process plants. Later people begin to give the same name to other biplanes working in agriculture, according to the tradition.

The works performed by agricultural aircrafts:

  • Fertilizing cultivated crops, increasing crop yields;
  • Spraying crops with insecticide dust that destroys pests and fights diseases;
  • Performing aerosowing, spraying plant seeds with water under pressure.

Performing such works with the use of aircrafts, you can process large plots of land. Firstly, an aircraft quickly gets to the right place. Secondly, processing itself will take much less time than in case it’s done by another machine. Thirdly, fuel consumption and the number of working staff are reduced.

The price of a crop duster depends on its model and condition. The website presents cheap used aircrafts. The proposed machines differ in volume of fuel tanks and fuel consumption. The size of containers for chemicals and their consumption may also be different.

How to buy an agricultural aircraft for aerochemical works

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