Seed Loader

Seeds loaders are mostly used to load and deliver grain, seeds or fertilizers to the spreading or planting equipment, as well as devices that put fertilizers into the soil. This kind of equipment is used during the sowing of beans or grain crops, so its choice should be treated very carefully.

The design of a seed loader Seed Loader

Once you’ve bought a seed loader, you must properly attach it to a tipper truck, taking into account the fastening type. These devices can be trailed or mounted. The equipment of ground type includes:

  • A delivery auger;
  • A board with a special locking mechanism;
  • A hydraulic control allowing to manage the device;
  • A rotation system;
  • A hydraulic motor;
  • A frame.

The price of a seed loader depends on its type and auxiliary equipment. For example, some models can be controlled with the use of a hydraulic control system of a tipper truck used for fastening of the loader. While the body is raised, everything inside, including grain, fertilizers or seeds, is moved closer to the receiving part of the conveyor. The hydraulic motor works, moving the transported material to the unloading window located in the auger. Then all products are moved further on. An auxiliary frame is used to fasten ground-type devices.

In order to fasten mounted loaders, the back part of the body side is used. The loaders consist of the following components:

  • Augers of longitudinal and unloading types;
  • Two hydrometers;
  • A pump.

A longitudinal auger deals with the supply of seeds or fertilizers, pouring everything to a specialized auger conveyor. Then the seeds are moved to the unloading window and further through a special unloading auger.

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