Mechanical Seeders

Crop-growing farms should be provided with the equipment that can combine multiple units at once and easily transport the grain with high performance. An excellent option is a mechanical grain seeder, because it can be used in different soil tillage systems, for example, traditional and preserving ones.

The peculiarities of mechanical grain seeders Mechanical Seeders

An extensive range of agricultural equipment allows farmers to buy a mechanical seeder with consideration of all the circumstances under which it will be used. For example, if the width of a field is just a few metres, you should not necessarily apply a pneumatic planter with computer control, systems of seeds dosage and distribution to ensure proper seeding. Then it’s better to choose a mechanical device with a trailed or mounted hopper.

Once you’ve purchased a mechanical seeder, you may sow different crops, including:

  • Grain crops;
  • Beans;
  • Vegetables;
  • Grasses;
  • Corn.

Different models can handle raw pieces of land, fields with the minimum soil tillage or well-plowed plots.

During the choice of equipment you need to take into account its operating conditions, because the design of a colter depends on this. It is being developed for use in certain circumstances, since this is the only way you can achieve precise sowing of all seeds, their perfect contact with the soil, as well as the processing of residues.

By applying precision mechanical seeders you may accurately monitor the penetration level, place the seeds at a right distance and ensure their maximum germination. The seeds are sown at a certain depth with the use of a circular colter. Once the colter forms a furrow, seeds are immediately put into it, wheels compact the soil/ leaving a roller on the soil surface.

Where to buy mechanical precision seeders?

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