Planting Machines

Using planting equipment, you can optimize, speed up the planting process and get a large number of shoots which will form the basis of the future crops. The extensive range of trailed and mounted planting equipment makes it possible to ensure fast and high -quality performance of planting works.

The peculiarities of planting equipment Planting Machines

Agrotechnical works require the use not only of machines for planting potatoes, the group of planting equipment also contains a wide range of pneumatic, as well as mechanical seeders of general or specialized purpose. They allow you to work with calibrated or uncalibrated materials of all kinds of crops, including:

  • Beans;
  • Forage crops;
  • Oil crops;
  • Small grain crops;
  • Onion and garlic;
  • Vegetables.

In addition, there are specialized machines for planting trees used in gardens.

If you need to observe the density and depth of seed placement during planting, you should pay attention to pneumatic or mechanical precision seeders. These requirements should be met by the machines for planting carrots, because nonuniform planting of seeds can adversely affect crop yields. The work with the germinated materials requires the use of seedlings. It is worth to separately mention sowing complexes which mechanically combine a cultivator with a seeder.

Soil-protective approach to cultivating fields is becoming increasingly popular. That is why the machines for planting garlic and many other crops are designed taking into account zero or minimal soil tillage in the future. This makes it possible to minimize erosion and accelerate soil recovery.

Where is high-quality planting equipment sold?

If you want to purchase planting equipment, it is worth visiting website. It present the devices from such world manufacturers as Massey Ferguson, Rostselmash, John Deere, Grimme, Great Plains, Veles-Agro and many others. So that to find a suitable device, you need to examine the catalogue with a convenient structure or leave a request for equipment search.