Telescopic Wheel Loaders

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If you want to own a multifunctional machine that can be adapted to the needs of the agricultural industry, then you should buy a telescopic loader. This equipment will be a great assistant during stacking of grain, loading crops in wagons or cars. It will suit for silage packing and help with feeding animals.

Specifications and peculiarities of telescopic loaders Telescopic Wheel Loaders

As you buy used or new telescopic loaders, you obtain the equipment that can increase the efficiency of the most part of operating processes. All this happens thanks to the fact that the machine’s design provides the opportunity to use all kinds of attachments and easily change them, if necessary. Attachments are just fastened onto a specialized boom capable of lifting cargoes.

The procedure of change of mounted items is carried out in the shortest possible time, requires minimal effort, so many cattle-breeding or crop-growing farms acquire new telescopic loaders to optimize the working processes. The most popular varieties of mounted loading equipment for these machines include the following things:

  • Scoops. They are used for loading grain products.
  • Forks which remove manure during the cleaning of open territories or premises at a farm.
  • Grips. Cars are loaded or unloaded with their application.
  • Scoops for different crops. The devices are used during handling of potatoes or beets.
  • Pallet forks used in the processing of cargoes in pallets or piece cargoes.

The price of excavators and telescopic wheel loaders depends on their complete set and manufacturer. The most well-known suppliers of this kind of machines for agriculture include:

  1. CLAAS;
  2. JCB;
  3. Manitou;
  4. New Holland;
  5. Donqfend.

All devices have a wide ground clearance and the same tyres with a sufficiently high section, which facilitates their movement through impassable roads.

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The Advertisement Board has collected various models of all-wheel-drive loading machines with high maneuverability that can be provided with all kinds of attached equipment. You can use them at farming units of various profiles. You can select the appropriate device by examining the online catalogue on the website. In addition, you can always leave a request for assistance in choosing a piece of equipment.