Front Loaders

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Purchasing a front loader is acquiring a reliable assistant in carrying out loading and unloading processes. Universal models are capable of performing excavations. The choice of a machine depends on the type and specifications of the product. The Foodbay website offers machines of various types and configurations.

Brands and types of front loaders Front Loaders

Famous Russian brands include: “Slobozhanets”, “Agromash”, “Kirovets”. Foreign machines are presented by such brands as Lamborghini Trattori, Dongfeng, Kubota and others. The main difference between models lays within their parameters, power, bearing capacity.

Before you buy a used front loader, you should find of the main specifications that determine the choice of the appropriate machine. These indicators include the following things:

  • Type of the driving element;
  • Engine power;
  • Bearing capacity;
  • Machine’s dimensions.

The type of tyres is also important for wheel-type machines. If you look at the price, naturally, the cost of a new front loader is higher than that of a used one. You can purchase inexpensive used equipment. In order to do this, you must specify the desired operating condition of the machine inside the search filter. In the same place you should indicate the required power of the unit, bearing capacity of the machine and the year of manufacture.

Front loaders are sold on the website by the manufacturers from different countries. They are wheel-type of track-type, with a scoop or a fork as an operating component. Wheel-type units are more maneuverable and do not harm road surface. Track-type machines are more stable and stronger.

The sale of wheel-type loaders should take into account the characteristics of the cargo. If you want to work with large cargoes, you will need a fork grip. Electric equipment is used mainly indoors. Machines with engines are more commonly used outdoors.

Before you buy a front loader, you need to take into account operating conditions of and the characteristics of the works to be performed. Visitors are offered assistance in the selection of a suitable product.

How to buy small-size front loaders

Foodbay website presents machines of different configurations and purposes. Used and new equipment is available. Visitors can post free advertisements on the sale of their products or the purchase of the required equipment. The convenient catalogue of front loaders and spare parts enables you to quickly and easily choose the right product.