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The sale of loaders on the Foodbay website is carried out by manufacturers from Russia and other countries. This type of equipment is used in loading and unloading processes. It is applied in agriculture, construction and farm works. The catalogue offers the equipment of different configurations and with distinctive specifications.

The sale of loaders is carried out on the website Loaders

Classification of equipment by categories:

  • Running gear - wheels or tracks;
  • Type of drive - electric or automatic;
  • Operating component type - a fork device or a scoop;
  • The period of work execution - continuous or cyclical.

There are multifunction machines, such as a loader-excavator (used or new), which is adapted to digging works, in addition to its primary purpose. The machines with engines can run on gas, petrol or diesel. They are used outdoors due to the excreted exhaust gases. Engine machines are cheaper than electric ones, but need regular refueling.

Buying spare parts for loaders today is easy. The website presents spare parts for all types of agricultural equipment. Taking into account the position of the operating component, machines come in front and side types. In the first option the scoop is located in the front part, in the second case – from one side of the machine.

The website sells used loaders of different bearing capacity. Depending on the model, these machines are able to lift a weight from 500 kg up to 50 tons.

Electric machines are distinguished by the number of supporting elements and can be three-point and four-point. The first option is used in limited spaces of warehouses. The second type of loaders is also capable of working outdoors. Four-point machines have better stability on uneven surfaces, but worse maneuverability in limited spaces. Devices with a scoop move loose materials, fork machines operate with large cargoes.

You can sell a loader-excavator and other equipment by setting your own price on the website. For this purpose you need to place an advertisement by filling in a special form.

How to buy a new loader at an affordable price

Foodbay is a Specialized Advertisements Board created for purchase and sale of agricultural equipment and machinery. Visitors are given the opportunity to sell their goods, independently setting their own prices. The website sells used loaders-excavators and new machines.