Buying a used plough means acquiring useful equipment for tillage. With its help the land is ploughed before planting, fertilizing or after harvesting. Cultivation depth is set up before the start of works. Foodbay website offers agricultural equipment for different purposes with different specifications.

Where used agricultural ploughs for tractors are applied Ploughs

The soil is a growing medium for cultivated plants. Its characteristics influence crop yields and the susceptibility of crops to diseases. In order to maintain the physical properties of the soil at a proper level, regular manual handling is required. Tillage equipment is used for this purpose. For example, if you buy a used enclosed plough for a tractor, it will help to loosen the soil. Thus, sufficient permeability of the soil to moisture and oxygen is ensured. Improving the characteristics of the soil, you increase its crop yields. It is easier for plants to receive nutrients from a loose oxygenated soil.

The price of a modern plough depends on its configuration and complete set. Classification of equipment with allowance for its design:

  • Attachment method - tractor-mounted, semi-mounted, tractor-drawn;
  • Type of working component - rotating, circular, shallow, combined;
  • Ploughing technology - smooth, curly, conventional.

The sale of used ploughs makes it possible to buy the necessary equipment at an affordable price. Unlike other devices working at the expense of hauling traffic, rotating of a rotary device is provided by a tractor’s motor through a power-takeoff shaft. Therefore, its performance is far above that of circular and conventional equipment.

How to buy a used enclosed plough for a tractor

Foodbay website has been created for those wishing to sell or buy agricultural equipment. Users are offered a convenient filter to facilitate the search of the necessary device. The products are presented by such producers as Dongfeng, “Agromash”, “MTZ Belarus” and others. A purchase of a high-quality agricultural plough is a good investment. It will help to improve the characteristics of soil and increase its crop yields.