Agricultural Cultivators

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Soil cultivators are widely used in agriculture. The equipment performs many functions, including hilling-up of plants, loosening the soil, eradicating weeds. Foodbay website presents devices with different specifications. Here you can purchase manual, motorized and tractor-mounted installations.

What determines the price of an agricultural cultivator Agricultural Cultivators

The peculiarity of cultivator operation is subsurface soil loosening. Depending on the purpose, they can perform the following processes:

  • Complete soil cultivation;
  • Interrow weeding of beds;
  • A wide range of works.

The devices for complete cultivation smooth the top layer of the soil, destroying weeds, loosen the bottom layer of the soil. Installations for interrow tillage help to introduce fertilizers into the beds, hill up the plants, get rid of the weeds, leaving the cultivated plants untouched. The devices of a wide range of activities are able to perform all necessary operations.

Small farms and cottages apply motor cultivating machines which differ in price, capacity and other specifications.

There devices are divided into the following types:

  • Professional – heavy devices for big farms;
  • Medium – devices with a capacity up to 6 HP, maximum depth of 25 cm, furrow width of 90 cm;
  • Small - devices with a capacity up to 4 HP, maximum depth of 15 cm, furrow width of 50 cm.

Used agricultural soil cultivators, harrows, ploughs and other tillage machines can be purchased on the Foodbay website. The products are offered by the manufacturers from Russia and other countries. Here you will find the products from such companies as Rostselmash, Dongfeng, Versatile. If you want an advice in the selection of the desired product, you should make a request. A company’s expert will help you to make the right choice.

Where to buy a reliable used cultivator

Foodbay is a Specialized Advertisements Board designed for the sale or purchase of agricultural equipment. When choosing the right equipment, customers pay attention to the manufacturer, the operating condition of device, price range. You have the option to download the price-list of the necessary company. On this website you can buy a used cultivator and spare parts for it.