Combined tillage Units

Agriculture involves the use of combined soil tillage units performing many functions. These complicated engineering structures can perform multiple operations simultaneously. For example, loosening, smoothing, compacting of soil in the course of one passage. Foodbay website offers similar equipment at an affordable price.

Specifications of combined tillage units Combined tillage Units

Such complex mechanisms are made up in one of four ways:

  • Tillage equipment and auxiliary elements are attached to the frame of a tractor or other machine.
  • Using tractor-drawn or/and tractor-mounted devices, new units are made up by hitching different units.
  • Tillage equipment is mounted on the basis of sowing machines.
  • Seeding devices are mounted on the basis of cultivators or tillers.

If buy a ridge former making furrows and add a planter and a tiller to it, you receive a combined unit for planting potatoes. Modular constructions are convenient for agriculture. They can be disassembled and applied separately or linked together at your discretion.

Existing combined soil tillage machines are used in the preparation of soil for the cultivation of various crops. Chisel devices are able to perform the following processes in one passage: cutting weeds, sealing it to the ground, loosening, smoothing and compacting of the soil. This handling improves the soil characteristics, eliminates weeds from beds, prevents erosion. Combined soil tillage units speed up field works. Instead of several passages required for each individual process, a machine makes one passage. You will save time and therefore finish sowing activities ahead of time.

Where to buy combined seeding units

Foodbay website offers agricultural equipment for various purposes, including combined devices. Visitors can not only place advertisements on the sale of their goods, but also leave a request for the purchase of the desired unit. It is possible to purchase a ridge former and other agricultural equipment on the website at an affordable price.