Land Rollers

Land rollers are used for carrying out preparatory activities before sowing. They are used for agricultural purposes for smoothing the soil surface. Foodbay website offers various equipment with different purposes and design features. Your choice depends on soil conditions in each specific case.

What procedures are carried out by a land roller Land Rollers

This equipment is applied during pre-sowing preparation and post-sowing processing of agricultural land. Taking into account the fixation method, they are divided into tractor-mounted or tractor-drawn. The tool is mounted on agricultural machines.

Depending on the configuration, land rollers are:

  • Harrow fork-toothed rollers, mounted on frameworks and constituting separate sections;
  • Ringed – discs fixed on sections;
  • Ringed-crowfoot rollers - aciculiform discs attached to three sections;
  • Ringed-toothed – toothed wheels mounted into sections;
  • Smooth water-filling - metal containers with a capacity of up to 500 liters that help to regulate pressure during operation.

Before sowing crops, a land roller helps to prepare the soil. With its help the soil becomes loose and soil surface becomes smooth. Lumps remaining after plowing are crushed, a good base for sowing is created. Such soil is great in preserving moisture, oxygen and important trace elements. These are the necessary elements for healthy crop cultivation.

The equipment is also used after sowing for the purpose of soil compaction. This process increases the inflow of moisture from the lower layers of the soil, improves the contact of seeds with soil. Thanks to this, earlier germination of crops is observed.

Where you can buy used agricultural rollers

Foodbay Specialized Advertisements Board is meant for manufacturers wishing to sell their equipment. Visitors can also leave requests for the purchase of the necessary goods. If there are difficulties with choice, an expert advice is available online. You can buy used agricultural rollers and other useful equipment on this website.