Deep Tillers

Buying a deep tiller is useful for compacted, unproductive soil. Unlike ploughs, the depth of penetration of this equipment is 45-80 cm. At the same time the top fertile layer remains in its place. You can purchase such a useful device on Foodbay. The website presents agricultural machines for cultivation of different purpose and configuration.

Why it is worth buying a deep tiller Deep Tillers

Long-term use of soil leads to deterioration of its characteristics over time. The top layer gets compacted, therefore the enrichment of soil with moisture and oxygen is deteriorated. As a result, the soil fertility and crop yields decrease. You can remedy the situation will the help of a deep tiller, its price depends on the fact if this device is used or new.

How to choose the depth of plowing depending on the purpose:

  • 70-80 cm – row spacings of vineyards, gardens;
  • 50-60 cm - growing plants with powerful root systems (sunflowers, corn, beet);
  • 40-50 cm - plants with normal root systems (wheat, soy, corn, etc.).

According to the way the equipment is mounted on tractors, deep tillers can be tractor-drawn and tractor-mounted. Depending on the construction they are divided into track-type and wheel-type devices.

There are two options for the protection of the device racks: with a cylinder or with a shear bolt. In the first case, the hydraulic device helps to prevent damage when a solid root or stone is hit by the plough. When a tiller touches a foreign object, the cylinder is compressed, allowing the rack to draw back. After passing the difficult section, the cylinder piston returns details to their previous position. In the second case, the shear bolt is torn off when hitting solid objects. This action takes the rack back, skipping stones and roots. Then you have to fasten and fix a new bolt every time.

Where you can buy a used deep tiller at an affordable price

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