Agricultural Harrows

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You can purchase a harrow for your needs on the Foodbay website. This agricultural tool is intended for tillage. It is used before sowing plants during cultivation of growing plants, after harvesting. The application of this equipment improves the soil characteristics and helps to receive high-quality crop yields.

Agricultural circular harrow - price Agricultural Harrows

The cost of the equipment depends on its design. Taking into account the configuration, the devices are divided into:

  • Toothed - with an operating component shaped as teeth;
  • Circular – the devices  are composed of “batteries” with discs attached to them with the use of joints;
  • Mesh – the devices  have mesh canvas fixed onto a frame.

The price of an agricultural circular harrow depends on the functional characteristics of the equipment. There are three categories of devices: light, heavy, super-heavy. The first group is cheaper and used for shallow soils. The maximum digging depth of the tool is 10 cm.

Heavy harrows are capable of tilling the soil to a depth of 15 cm. They are used for cultivation of such crops as sunflowers, corn, beet. Super-heavy devices are designed for large farms and are more expensive than the previous two options.

Tractor-mounted harrows for a walking tractor are widely used in agriculture. The equipment helps to destroy the crust formed on the soil surface. Excessive soil compaction has a negative impact on cultivated plants. They are worse oxygenated and supplied with nutrients which must come from the soil. In addition, by using a tractor-drawn harrow for walking tractors, you get rid of weeds. Soil tillage is carried out in the pre-sowing period, during crops cultivation and after harvesting. Another process performed by the device is smoothing of the soil.

Where you can buy a used circular harrow

Foodbay website offers new and used agricultural equipment. Visitors are given the opportunity to place an advertisement on the sale of the goods and leave a request for a purchase of the desired device. The website offers the sale of agricultural equipment, including harrows, from such manufacturers as Foton Lovol, Versatile, Case IH.