Agricultural dresser for seeds

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To obtain high-quality crops, it is worth buying a dresser for seeds on the Foodbay website. This equipment is used in agriculture for growing plants. Garden crops and fruit trees are susceptible to diseases and affected by pests. So that to protect plants, they are processed with the use of special devices.

Why it is worth buying a sprayer and a dresser for seeds Agricultural dresser for seeds

Garden and field plants are exposed to pests. These eat seeds, fruits, roots, which reduces crop yields. In order to prevent this, protective means and agents are applied. For greater efficiency they are applied to plants with the use of spraying devices. Seed dressing systems are used for the same purpose. In addition, this technique helps to process the seeds for the improvement of shoots’ qualities and prevention of diseases.

Self-propelled used sprayer with its price depending on the state of the unit is a stand-alone device. It does not require mounting and has high maneuverability.

Equipment classification:

  • Purpose-universal or specific for a certain type of plants (e.g. for winter crops);
  • Mounting technique - tractor-mounted, lift-type, self-propelled;
  • Types of dispersion apparatus - fan or rod;
  • The degree of dispersion - standard, low-volume, ultralow-volume.

On this website you can buy a dressing machine for potatoes, grain or other seeds. They make more economical use of emulsions and suspensions possible. In addition, the process of dressing itself is accelerated and the number of service personnel is reduced. The equipment specifications include high performance and ease of operation.

You can buy a new or a used battery sprayer on the Foodbay website. It does not need to be connected to a power supply. So it can work independently in the field conditions and in the garden.

Foodbay shop offers industrial agricultural sprayers

Foodbay International Internet Platform gives you the opportunity to place an advertisement on the sale or a request for a purchase of the necessary equipment and find out the price (e.g., for a wheat seed dresser). Visitors are offered the catalogue of brands producing devices of different configuration. The website presents major suppliers and manufacturers of agricultural sprayers - Foton Lovol, Rostselmash, Agromash. Both new and used units are available.