Navigation and Control Systems for Agriculture

A modern agricultural navigator allows you to increase the accuracy of work of agricultural machines. With the use of this equipment may you prevent the appearance of reprocessed or unprocessed areas on the field. With its help, working in conditions of poor visibility, even at night or amid fog, will not be a problem. Buying an agricultural navigator, a farm receives a reliable assistant that makes field works more efficient and comfortable.

Peculiarities of agricultural navigators Navigation and Control Systems for Agriculture

Thanks to constant innovation and experiments, the system of parallel driving has become ingrained in the lives of modern farmers. You can buy agricultural navigators and do the following things:

  • Sowing;
  • Spraying;
  • Field processing;
  • Fertilizing.

Farmers can save fertilizers, protective substances for plants and seeds, fuel, as well as a variety of other things. An agricultural navigator helps you save 3-50% of the total cost of works.

Thanks to the use of these systems, you can perform all technological operations in time, paying no attention to weather conditions. The quality of works is improving alongside with the increasing accuracy of technological operations.

The modern market offers navigation systems making it possible to perform parallel driving, as well as automatic control system. Once you’ve decided to buy an agricultural navigator, you will get a device which includes:

  • A GPS-receiver.
  • A basic module. It handles the data, helps you to set up the system and shows the way.
  • Power cords and connections.

Navigation devices are quickly installed and configured, depending of the type of the device. When a mechanizer begins to work, he may fix his movement by a special button to make the device automatically build parallel lines and move the equipment with allowance for its grasp width.

The price of an agricultural navigator on Foodbay

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