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Buying a stacker on the Foodbay website is speeding up the loading and unloading processes. These devices are used to carry out works at warehouses: lifting and lowering of cargoes, transportation, stacking. The website offers devices of different configurations and price categories.

How to select and buy a stacker Stackers

Device types will allowance for technical specifications:

  • Electrical stackers are powered by batteries or accumulators, their maximum bearing capacity is 2 tons, height - 3.5 meters;
  • Self-propelled stackers work due to the electric drive, their maximum bearing capacity is 2 tons, height - 12 meters, speed - 10 km/h;
  • Hydraulic manual stackers work without a power supply, their maximum bearing capacity is 1500 kg, height - 3 meters.

The safest devices are considered the machines with an operator’s cab. It’s worth knowing that electrical installations need maintenance by specialists.

Hydraulic used mini-stackers are applied at small warehouses, their price is lower than that of self-propelled machines. Electrical devices are designed for larger terminals with high shelves.

During the selection of a unit, one pays attention to the following indicators:

  • Initial and residual bearing capacity which depend on the brand of the stacker;
  • The performance of the model;
  • The width of the working pass;
  • Lifting height;
  • Fork size;
  • Working conditions.

High performance is characteristic of the devices running on a traction battery, they are able to operate up to 8 hours without recharging. Buying spare parts for an electrical stacker is not a problem today. That is why the choice more often falls to such models. Manual devices are efficient in case of small batches of products.

At the same time the height of the shelves should not exceed 3 meters. More intensive cargo traffic needs more powerful machines. The types of electric stackers affect their price. Self-propelled electrical devices are more expensive than manual units. But their speed of transportation is much higher. The operation speed of a manual device depends on the operator and that of electrical ones reaches 10 km/h. The advantage of a hydraulic aggregate is the fact that no power supply is needed.

How to buy a used self-propelled stacker with an electrical lifting gear

Foodbay website sells stackers in a good condition at a suitable price. There are both new and used machines from well-known companies. Free advertisements on the sale of goods are placed here by such manufacturers as Kittner, Manitou. Anyone who wishes can sell a palette jack or stackers of any cost and in any condition.