Before you acquire the attached equipment for walking tractors, you need to define the processes it should perform. This defines the type of tools and their features. You also should to take into account the specifications of the machine. It is important to determine if the devices are compatible with each other.

Where to buy attached equipment for a walking tractor Attached Equipment

Foodbay website offers auxiliary equipment for agricultural machines. You can find tools for such works in the catalogue:

  • Soil tillage - ploughs, harrows, cultivators;
  • Crops planting – hilling-up ploughs, seeding machines, potato-planters, dominators;
  • Mowing and haymaking – collecting brushes, mowers, turners.

In addition to the main attached equipment for walking tractors, there are auxiliary components. For example, a grouser is used for low-powered equipment, providing a better grip. Weights will also come in handy to increase the pulling force of a machine. And a trailer is used to transport hay, crops, tools.

The equipment selection depends not only on the works performed, but on the models of machines. To make the right choice, it is best to consult a specialist concerning the selection of the equipment.

Typically, a machine is provided with two shafts. One of them serves for the attachment of the wheels, the other is PTO (power take-off shaft) serving to mount the tools onto the walking tractor. The attachment of the equipment is provided through a splined fixation or a belt gear.

The first option is used for heavy equipment and is able to transmit a high turning torque. It is easier and faster to install. In the second case a belt gear requires a longer setting. It is safer, because it is capable to prevent damage to machinery when solid objects are being hit.

The sale of attached equipment for walking tractors

Every visitor can leave a free advertisement on the sale of his/her product or make a request for the purchase of the necessary equipment on the Foodbay website. The products are offered by the manufacturers from Russia and other countries. The trading platform sells new and used attached equipment for walking tractors. The operating condition of used tools is satisfactory, and the price is cheaper.