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The question where one can buy a cheap walking tractor worries many farmers and owners of summer cottages. This small-size tractor can perform the works on soil tillage and crops cultivation. You can purchase inexpensive machines on the Foodbay website. It offers agricultural equipment of different purposes and configurations.

The price of a used walking tractor and specifications of the machine Walking Tractors

The main components of the machine: engine, transmission, engine clutch. The machine is driven by a man who holds its operating handles. In order to perform various operations, people attach additional equipment to the unit: seeders, cultivators, ploughs.

It is easy to buy a petrol-powered walking tractor by an advertisement on the website. It is important to choose thee appropriate machine. Taking into account the specifications, the devices are divided into three categories:

  • Light - maximum capacity: 6 HP, a minimum number of mounted equipment is used, can handle no more than 1 ha;
  • Medium agricultural walking tractors - maximum power: 10 HP, work with the majority of mounted equipment types, attachment of a trailer is permitted, they are designed for handling up to 1 hectare of land;
  • Heavy - minimum power: 11 HP, they are provided with a transmission for 3-4 speeds, are multi-functional, thanks to working with any kind of mounted attachments.

Buying the equipment for a walking tractor should involve taking into account the operations you want to perform. Soil tillage will require ploughs and harrows. Handling crops will be facilitated by cultivators, hilling-up ploughs. In order to stockpile grass for cattle, you will need mowers.

If you want to provide your private household with the necessary equipment, it is worth buying a walking tractor in a kit together with the necessary equipment. Depending on the type of engine, the choice is made between diesel and petrol. You should also decide on the running gear: whether you need a wheel-type or a track-type machine. With allowance for fastening of mounted attachments, machines can have a pulley or a power-takeoff shaft.

Buying a track-type walking tractor may be needed for heavy-textured, weak, unstable soils. They have better grip with the ground than wheel-type machines and a larger pulling force. However, you will need a means of transportation to deliver the machine to the needed place. Track-type gear can damage the road surface. When selecting the machine, you should also pay attention to the fuel tank volume, the maximum width and depth of tillage.

The sale of new and used walking tractors of different prices

The Foodbay website offers agricultural equipment from the manufacturers from Russia and other countries. The machines differ in their basic specifications and prices. Used devices are cheaper than new ones, but perform the same operations. If you failed to buy a petrol-powered walking tractor by an advertisement, you can leave a request for the purchase of the necessary equipment.