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Buying a mini-tractor for a farmer means purchasing a reliable assistant. The special machine helps to keep the house, perform heavy works in the field and at the farm. By applying different mounted attachments, they perform soil tillage, handle crops, harvest, etc. Foodbay website offers special equipment of different configurations.

What kindsof mini-tractors one should buy for a farm Mini-tractors

In order select the unit, you should find out its specifications:

  • 1-3-cylinder engine on petrol or diesel, power: 20-40 HP;
  • Rear-wheel drive with a large turning radius;
  • Transmission - a two-tier box with a reversing gear.

Buying used mini-tractors for private households is possible on the Foodbay website. Such machines are provided by auxiliary equipment. There are two options of its installation:

  1. Attachment for mounted equipment – through a sleeve fitting or a power-takeoff shaft;
  2. Additional components for mounting of tractor-drawn equipment – a three-point fastening system and a hydraulic mounted device.

Selling new mini-tractors and used machines is possible by posting free advertisements. Taking into account the capacity, they are divided into light, medium, and heavy. The first group has a maximum capacity of 20 HP and is designed for a limited range of activities. Medium devices have 30 HP and are provided with great opportunities covering the whole spectrum of farming works. Heavy ones with 40 HP are endowed with a maximum capacity for work with mounted attachments.

The sale of a used mini-tractor for agricultural works should take into account the condition of the machine. Naturally, new equipment will cost more money. It is advisable to simultaneously acquire mounted attachments as well. You will need cultivators, ploughs, harrows for cultivation of plant crops. The sale of a mini tractor jointly with a scoop implies its use for digging trenches. It will be needed to put compost into fields, install communications, drainage systems and for other purposes. A scoop can be easily removed and replaced by other mounted attachments performing other processes.

The purchase of used mini-tractors enables you to buy inexpensive agricultural machines. The website offers equipment in good condition at an affordable price. The products are made by such manufacturers as Dongfeng, New Holland, “MTZ Belarus”.

Where to buy a mini tractor for a private household

Foodbay is an International Advertisements Board where you can put your goods up for sale or buy the needed equipment. If there are doubts when selecting the necessary unit, you should leave a request for the assistance of a consultant. Visitors have the option of leaving a request for the purchase of the desired product. You can buy new or used agricultural mini-tractors from domestic and foreign manufacturers on this website.