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Buying a mini-loader is profitable for small farms. Such compact machines do not require large costs, but perform many operations. By changing the mounted attachments, the owners of the machine perform loading and unloading activities, clean up the territory area, clear the snow. Foodbay website presents machines of different modifications and costs.

How to select a mini-loader before the purchase Mini-loaders

Depending on the model, the machine can be wheel-type or track-type. With allowance for the direction of unloading, they are divided into three types:

  • Reversible – the working component is on the back of the machine;
  • Front - the working component is on the front of the machine;
  • Semi-rotating - the working component performs side loading.

Front mini-loaders are very convenient, their price depends on the model of the unit. Thanks to its removable mounted equipment they are able to perform many operations. The machines can work with feed and manure in cattle-breeding, with grain and straw in agricultural works.

The website sells mini-loaders from such brands such as Yanmar, JCB, Kubota and others. Taking into account the chassis of the machines, they can be wheel-type and track-type. The machines of the first type are more maneuverable and fast. The second type is slower, but can operate on a heavy-textured, unstable soil.

Buying used track-type mini-loaders is useful for work on floating, flooded soils and hilly landscapes. They have a great pulling force, a better grip, a good stability on uneven territories. They are able to lift and transport heavy cargoes.

For the performance of works requiring speed you should buy a wheel-type mini-loader (used or new one). Their maneuverability is much higher than that of track-type machines, so their use is advisable in limited spaces. Thanks to their design, wheel-type machines do not harm the road surface, which enables them to independently move between objects.

The brands of mini-loaders with different specifications are represented by the manufacturers from Russia and other countries. In addition to them, it is advisable to purchase various mounted equipment: scoops, forks, grips, etc. The machine is selected depending on the works to be performed. It is important to consider the compatibility of the mounted devices with the machine. You can learn about it from an online consultant.

The sale of used mini-loaders on the Foodbay website

Foodbay website has been created for those wishing to sell or buy agricultural equipment. Visitors are given the opportunity to post their free advertisements. If you have difficulties in finding the right product, you can get an advice from a specialist. You can sell spare parts for mini-loaders by setting the appropriate price.