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Buying a track-type mini-excavator means acquiring a useful machine for performing excavations. They differ from large machines in different size and type of chain tracks. Excavating equipment of small size works on limited territories in hardly accessible places. You can purchase products with the right specification on Foodbay.

How and where to buy a used tractor-drawn mini-excavator Mini-excavators

The described type of machines has the following characteristic specifications:

  • Product weight-1-6 tons;
  • Maximum deepening - 2-4 m;
  • Scoop width-30-70 cm;
  • Performance - 30-200 m ³/shift.

The website offers wheel-type and track-type mini-excavators of different price. The machines of the first type, in addition to digging, are capable of transporting cargoes. They are faster than track-type transport and do not damage the road surface. But wheel-type machines have a worse grip, worse maneuverability and a lower pulling force.

Buying a track-type mini-excavator is preferable for weak soils and work on uneven terrain. They have a larger pressure on soil, which provides a better pulling force. Regardless of the type of the unit, they are characterized by the ease of operation. In addition to models and sizes, the price of a mini excavator is influenced its configuration. Machines with a cab will cost more than the option with a shed. In addition to the units, different mounted devices are purchased: hydraulic cutter, hydraulic hammers, scoops. Changing them, people perform a variety of works on digging ditches, trenches, installation of communications.

If you buy used mini-excavators, you can save money. Used equipment is in a good operating condition and costs cheaper than similar new machines. In order to find such units, please specify this in the search filter. You should also designate power, weight, number of operating hours of used devices.

How mini-excavators are sold

Anyone who wishes can leave a free advertisement on the sale of equipment on the Foodbay website. For this purpose a special form is filled in online. You may also create your shop on the website for free. The equipment is offered by such companies such as John Deere, Dongfeng, Yanmar , etc. There are different models of mini-excavators, loaders, tractors and other specialized machines. You can find out the price and buy equipment by contacting a company’s representative or distributor through the contact details indicated in the advertisement.