Elevated Work Platforms

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Buying an elevated work platform for small-size machines is easy. Foodbay website offers the necessary agricultural equipment of different configuration. It is applied for working at heights. For example, for lifting cargoes, repair of electric systems and structures, pruning high garden trees.

What elevated work platform to buy Elevated Work Platforms

Small size and portability of this kind of equipment allows to apply it in the context of a workshop or some other large space. The device is mounted on the platform of small-size machines. The device consists of a basement mounted on the chassis and a cradle cage on the end of a long boom. The choice of equipment is made with allowance for the structural peculiarities and the maximum allowable elevation height.

A used small-size elevated work platform is a good solution if you need to purchase a device at an affordable price.

There are the following types of devices:

  • Elbow-shaped – an inexpensive kind of equipment that does not require a large energy input and operates at a low height;
  • Vertical – they are limited only by vertical movement, the sale of an elevated work platform implies the possibility of its use in warehouses;
  • Telescopic – they work at a higher altitude and with greater accuracy than previous types, there is a possibility of remote control;
  • Hybrid – they can be used in challenging conditions, move in any direction.

If the price of a new elevated work platform is high, you can find used specialized machines at a suitable price. Regardless of the type of equipment, they have some things in common:

  • A cradle cage for people is equipped with a security system that preserves the horizontal position of the platform;
  • Regardless of the type of equipment, elevated work platforms are controlled with the use of a hydraulic system which is considered the most reliable and practical;
  • Outriggers are applied for quality fixation of the machine to ensure maximum stability in the process of performance of works.

The website sells elevated work platforms that can be mounted on imported and domestic small-size machines. The price of a product depends on its configuration, maximum elevation height, the manufacturer. Folded equipment looks compact and can easily be delivered to the needed place. The website features new models of elevated work platforms with extended functionality. A reliable fastening gives the machines the maximum stability and safety. During the work process the boom protrudes to the desired height.

Where to buy a used elevated work platform

Foodbay International Advertisements Board is created for those wishing to sell or buy agricultural equipment. The website presents products made by manufacturers from Russia and other countries. In order to find the right product, please use the search filter. Foodbay offers elevated work platforms of various prices and configurations.