Small-size Specialized agricultural Machines

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Small-size specialized agricultural machines are designed to perform field works, loading and unloading processes. They differ from usual agricultural machines in their lower parameters and capacity. Small-size tractors are most widely used among farmers owning small farms. Foodbay website offer agricultural machines and equipment of different modifications.

Characteristics of small-size specialized machines for agriculture Small-size Specialized agricultural Machines

Despite the small dimensions of installations, they are endowed with high performance. The farms with the area more than 30 acres cannot do without machines. Purchasing large tractors is wasteful and impractical. They are suitable for large farmlands. Buying used small-size machines for agriculture is a good way out of the situation.

There are three types of such units:

  • Lightweight - maximum power: 20 HP, provided with the necessary minimum of operations;
  • Medium - maximum power: 30 HP, are capable of working with a wide range of tractor-drawn and tractor-mounted equipment;
  • Heavy- minimum power: 40 HP, are provided with a set of power devices needed for the operation of auxiliary equipment.

The website also offers new small-size machines for farmers at an affordable price from the manufacturers from Russia and other countries. The equipment is presented by such brands as Kubota, Motor Sich, “MTZ Belarus” and so on. The equipment is used in agriculture and public utilities. Multiple functionality of the equipment is due to the possibility of change of mounted devices. It is mounted in two ways: by using a sleeve fitting or a power-takeoff shaft.

The sale of small-size agricultural equipment provides the opportunity to purchase auxiliary equipment. Ploughs and tillers are used for soil tillage before sowing. They loosen the soil, remove lumps and weeds. Hilling-up ploughs make furrows for planting cultivated crops, such as potatoes and beets. Mowing grass in cattle breeding is performed by mowers of different types and performance. Trailers are used for transportation of harvest and other cargoes.

How to buy a small-size agricultural harvesting machines

Foodbay Specialized Board enables users to leave free advertisements on the sale of equipment or make a request for the purchase of the necessary unit. There are agricultural machines of different modifications and purposes. The website offers both new and used machines. Track-type and wheel-type small-size machines are available.