Wrapping haylage, silage and other forages in polyethylene sleeves is considered a very effective and ecological storage method. In order to store hay, a wrapper simply places it into the a where it will not be influenced by external factors. The device makes it possible to minimize losses during storage by 20%.

The operating principle of hay wrappers Haylage and Silage Wrappers

With the use of the equipment for hay wrapping, you can put haylage, sawdust or silage into polymer bags. Forages can be stored in such rolls for more than a year, without losing their quality. The self-cost of wrapping hay for this kind of storage is two times less, as compared with putting products in a specialized ground warehouse.

A standard wrapping device consists of the following parts:

  • A preparatory tanker;
  • A power-driven preparatory tanker;
  • A power-driven compression chamber;
  • A specialized nozzle;
  • A control unit.

Before the process of wafer formation begins, the operator must place the bag to a special nozzle. Then the operator loads the hay or silage inside the preparatory tanker. The tanker can be optionally supplemented with a weighing platform to upload the exact amount of hay. Then the operator should transfer the production from the preparatory tanker to the collecting tanker and start the equipment operation.

The tanker wall begins to move with the help of a drive and transfers the production to a chamber where hay is compressed into wafers. Then the chamber wall pushes the wafer through a nozzle, so that the wafer gets into the bag. After that the walls return to its initial position, and procedure can be started again.

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