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Many modern private households decide to buy a baler, because it greatly facilitates field works. This device forms the mowed grass in coils or bales of hay, compacting it so that to fully use the volume of the transporting machine and the warehouse used for their storage. Even if you buy a used hay baler, you obtain a reliable device, because this equipment is meant for difficult operating conditions.

Specifications of modern agricultural machines: balers Balers

By buying a baler you can improve the quality of livestock feed and simplify the process of forage conservation. This special kind of agricultural machines has long been used for production of silage or haylage and is sometimes used jointly with tractors.

The mould of dry mass compacting may be different, so when you sell used balers, you should necessarily specify the kind of the machines, they are as follows:

  • Simple balers. Such devices compact silage or haylage into rectangular bales.
  • Roll-type balers. This type of machines generates grass rolls.

Bales are considered to more convenient for storage or transport, therefore, a simple baler with a price pretty much similar to that of a roll-type baler is more popular. Roll-type devices are distinguished by their efficiency during collection of freshly mowed grass for silage. Simple balers are great in collecting haylage. As you choose the equipment, you need to take into account not only the price, but also the exact way in which it will be used, otherwise a simple baler is the apparent leader.

Roll-type equipment applies different compacting equipment:

  • Units with variable volume. They make it possible to form a homogeneous roll with a fixed tank capacity and uniform density.
  • Devices with a constant chamber volume.

The modern sale of used balers involves such well-known equipment manufacturers as John Deere, Rostselmash, Case IH, Fendt, as well as many others.

Where to buy a new baler?

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