Tedder Rakes

Rakes are a type of agricultural equipment used for removing of mowed grass from the soil surface and forming swaths from this grass. In order to optimize this procedure, you can buy tedder rakes and perform a larger amount of work for the same time. The application of this equipment not only increases the speed of field works, but also improves performance.

What do tractor tedder rakes do? Tedder Rakes

As you purchase tedder rakes, you can implement not only raking or roll-formation of grass masses, but also their turning, loosening or doubling of swaths. These operations are considered to be integral processes in the conservation of forages, which explains the popularity of such units in agriculture, although the price of rotary or other tedder rakes remains affordable.

The equipment has its own design features, it is accordingly divided into the following types:

  • Rotary;
  • Spider-wheel;
  • Dump.

Depending on the model, the device can have a different grasp width, fixed or adjustable swath width. Tedder rakes can be mounted, semi-mounted and tractor-drawn (trailed). Therefore, during operation they should be used jointly with traction machines of the appropriate class.

Although this equipment is used to work on a flat field surface, many modern devices have an articulated structure. Thanks to this, mounted tedder rakes safely neutralize the ground roughness without the loss of efficiency.

Rakes can have a different number of wheels and width of grass raking or turning. The equipment with a smaller number of wheels is better in interaction with low-power traction machines – mini-tractors and walking tractors.

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