Forage Equipment

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For proper functioning of cattle-breeding farms you need to arrange appropriate conditions and provide the cattle with feed. Forage equipment is used to collect hay, silage and other forage plants. It includes an extensive range of equipment that can be used for collection, transportation and storage of feed.

Types of forage equipment Forage Equipment

Technologies are constantly developing, and so do forage harvesting machines. With the help of modern devices you can make hay or silage with their further packaging in a specialized film. Such methods make it possible to considerably increase the storage period of the product, protecting it from the influence of external factors.

Modern equipment for preparation of feed includes:

  • Mowers;
  • Sweep-rakes;
  • Forage harvesters;
  • Rakes;
  • Hay-stackers;
  • Loaders for transportation of stacks;
  • Balers.

Depending on the applied forage technologies, a farm needs proper agricultural equipment with an appropriate set of specifications. For example, standard hay making requires mowers, rakes, as well as roll-type balers or simple balers. Silage making can be performed with the use of a forage harvester, and silage can be packed only with the use of a bale/roll wrapper.

As you choose forage equipment, it is necessary to see to it, that it is well combined with tractors and that the latter have enough power for forage equipment. All equipment must be complementary to each other in roll width or grasp width, performance, method of field crops processing, presence of various attachments.

The purchase of forage equipment

In order to purchase forage equipment, you need to visit website. It has collected offers from the most famous manufacturers of agricultural machines, such as Claas, Krone, Rostel'mash and many others. As you examine the offers in a convenient catalogue equipped with filters by price, brands and regions, you can find the necessary new or used model of equipment. In addition, anyone can post one’s own advertisement and sell his or her equipment.