Agricultural Machines

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The sale of used agricultural machines on the Foodbay website is available to equipment manufacturers from Russia and other countries. Visitors are also offered new installations for cattle-breeding and crop farming. The range of products includes soil-cultivating, feed-producing and other agricultural systems, as well as spare parts for these.

What is included into the catalogue of agricultural machines

Mechanization of technological processes facilitates the work, improves performance, increases the profitability of enterprises. Foodbay website was created to assist in the purchase or sale of equipment. Here you can also buy spare parts for agricultural machines.

Agricultural Machines

Crop-farming sector implies the use of equipment performing the following processes:

  • Pre-sowing soil preparation;
  • Planting and sowing seeds;
  • Handling plants;
  • Watering, irrigation, fertilizing;
  • Harvesting.

You can buy used agricultural machines of different purpose, from harrows and ploughs to harvesters and mowers. They are used for growing cultivated plants serving as food for humans.

They perform the following processes:

  • Harrows and ploughs prepare the soil, so that it becomes more loose and oxygenated.
  • Then planting of seeds or plants is carried out. Planting and seeding machines are applied for this purpose.
  • The next step before harvesting is handling plants. For this purpose it is recommended to buy new or used agricultural machines. Watering and irrigation is performed by sprinkling machines of different configuration.
  • Fertilization is carried out with the use of spreaders, injectors-cultivators and other installations.
  • Soil tillage and weed eradication are performed by cultivators, earthing-up plows, weeders.
  • In addition to this, other kinds of useful agricultural machines are being applied. These are such installations as cargo-handling equipment, monitoring systems, aircrafts.

Agricultural equipment used in cattle-breeding involves the use of such installations as mowers, mixers-feed dispensers, milking machines, etc.

Where new and used agricultural machines are sold

You can buy or sell equipment for cattle breeding, crop farming, fishing on Foodbay website. It offers new and used installations from leading manufacturers. This website was created with the aim of placing advertisements on sale or purchase. Its visitors have an opportunity to make a request for the selection of a suitable installation, create a shop of agricultural machines and spare parts for free.