Industrial Generators

You can find an industrial steam generator among the equipment offered on Foodbay website. These powerful installations are used in agriculture to obtain a large amount of steam. They are widely used in soil tillage, premises cleaning, feed preparation. The devices differ in the method of water heating and nominal-rated capacity.

How to apply used industrial generators Industrial Generators

Depending on the source of the energy, these installations can run on diesel fuel, electricity, gas. They produce water steam under pressure. Its circulation is either forced or occurs under the influence of natural processes. The first version of devices uses pumping equipment.

Where industrial steam generators are used:

  • Processing of greenhouses and the soil;
  • Disinfection of the soil and composts;
  • Processing of premises in cattle-breeding;
  • Disinfection and sterilization of the premises and equipment in food industry.

The website offers steam generators at an affordable price. They differ in configuration and purpose. Depending on the position of the installation, the equipment is divided into vertical and horizontal components. They are also divided into single-hull, multihull, modular, sectional devices. Stand-alone installations are easily moved and can be used in field conditions. They do not need to be joined to a water supply.

A price of an industrial generator depends on its configuration, capacity, voltage. The higher the performance of the unit is, the higher its price will be. Small businesses buy devices producing 20-55 kg of steam per hour. Large companies need installations with a capacity of up to 200 kg/h.

Where to buy a steam generator and spare parts for it

Specialized Foodbay Advertisements Board is meant for the purchase and sale of agricultural equipment. The website features products from the world’s leading companies. In order to buy a used steam generator, you should specify this in the search filter. You can also pick up the equipment basing on the required capacity and voltage. Visitors have the opportunity to download the price-lists of the manufacturers of interest.