Agricultural Equipment

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Modern agricultural equipment greatly simplifies the life of ordinary farmers, optimizing all processes, saving time and effort of workers, as well as increasing profits. Foodbay has collected an extensive range of machinery for the production of food and forages, fishing and cattle breeding provided by the world-famous producers of agricultural equipment.

What agricultural equipment to buy? Agricultural Equipment

Technology has long managed to take a stable place in all spheres of human life. It is enough to buy agricultural equipment to speed up the work, improve its quality and solve many tasks that people could not solve before. It provides processing, as well as storage of products of crop cultivation or cattle breeding, taking into account the technologies, regimes and methods that are used in the process. Now you can buy agricultural equipment for any kind of works. Depending on the tasks assigned to the equipment, there are the following types:

  • Grain processing equipment. It includes machines for grading, peeling, cleaning, separating of grain and transporting it.
  • The devices processing berries, vegetables and fruits. Shop prices for agricultural equipment of this type may vary depending on its purpose. For example, some machines are small and are used for cutting or cleaning products, others take up a lot of space and are used for conservation and blanching.
  • The equipment used to produce food.
  • Sanitary and hygienic and washing devices. This category contains machines for washing containers and equipment, as well as equipment for ensuring the hygiene of employees.
  • Drying and refrigerating equipment.
  • The equipment for storage and warehouses. It includes tankers, conveyors and packaging devices that are indispensable for  the operation of a storage facility. The opportunity to sell used agricultural equipment of this type allows you to sell old equipment in order to make room for new equipment and to provide better conditions for storage of products at the warehouse.
  • The equipment used in cattle breeding, beekeeping, poultry farming and fish farming. Here you can find everything from air compressors to cattle management boxes.

This is only a part of agricultural equipment that is sold on the Foodbay trading platform, either used or new, you can find more devices by examining the catalogue.

The sale of agricultural equipment on Foodbay, prices

If you want to buy high-quality and reliable agricultural equipment from well-known Russian and foreign manufacturers, you need to visit website. This trading platform has collected various models of new and second-hand equipment that is available here at the lowest possible prices. An extensive range of devices gives farmers an opportunity to choose the right machine. In addition, anyone who wishes can place one’s own offer on the Advertisements Board and sell unnecessary equipment.