Loading Devices

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In addition to the basic equipment, meat-processing departments are provided with automatic lines for transportation of products. Loading devices are a part of such installations. They should comply with definite requirements to strength and quality. Modern constructions can easily be integrated into any automated lines.

Specifications of loading devicesLoading Devices

These devices must comply with such requirements as the ease of assembly and maintenance, reliability and quick performance. Depending on the construction, there are the following types of the devices:

  • Bunker type. They consist of an accumulator, a gripper and a position control system, a bunker, a feeder, a cutter. It is used for automatic feeding of products one after another.
  • Vibrating type. They consist of an accumulator, a guiding cassette, a catcher, a plate, and a pusher. Depending on the type of drive, they are mechanical or electromagnetic.
  • Mixed type. Bunker and vibrating equipment consists of a bowl, slanting springs, a screw-shaped tray. The transportation of products is carried out under the impact of the vibrations of the tray which is placed in a slanted position.

Such installations speed up transportation of products from one process to another. The construction is well-conceived, taking into account the possibility of its integration into continuous production lines. They are easy to disassemble for maintenance or further transportation.

Where to buy loading devices

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