Industrial cooking pan

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Heat treatment of products is used in many industrial food cooking processes. Large manufactures use special machines, such as a cooking pan, for this purpose. Similar installations speed up cooking of food and facilitate the process itself. The devices are used at public catering organizations: restaurants, cafes, pizzerias etc.

How to buy an industrial cooking panIndustrial cooking pan

It is advisable to examine the equipment ‘s specifications and choose the most suitable device before purchasing the product. A standard installation is a double reservoir with steam under pressure circulating between its walls. It provides uniform heating of the internal walls of the device.

Various aggregates differ in their energy source, capacity, weight and dimensions. Devices with a capacity of 60-100 liters will be enough for small and medium-sized organizations. Models for large enterprises can have a capacity of more than 500 liters.

This equipment has its specific advantages:

  • it provides uniform heating along the entire perimeter of the reservoir;
  • a built-in thermostat allows you to control the heating temperature;
  • the installation ensures fast cooking of products;
  • control over the water level in the reservoir.

The manufacture of cooking pans has two versions: in rectangular and round shapes. They differ in design features, set of component parts and can be of the following types:

  • with an automatic drive and a motor-reducer;
  • invertible and stationary;
  • with manual and programmed control;
  • with one and two reservoirs.

The removal of the finished product from the invertible type of the industrial cooking pan is carried out under the impact of an electric drive. The contents of the industrial cooking reservoirs of stationary installations are removed through taps. Some devices are supplied with a mixer designed for one or several speeds. Expensive modern models have built-in software.

Where to buy a used industrial cooking pan

The Foodbay web site publishes advertisements on the sale or purchase of equipment for food industry. In order to select a device, you should use the convenient search filter. Here you can buy new and used units, including food cooking pans. Visitors can also post an application for the purchase of the necessary equipment on the website.