Heat Chamber

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Heat chambers are used for boiling and hot smoking of meat, fish, cheese and many other food products. Meat-processing enterprises wishing to buy a heat chamber will receive the device which will help you to produce raw-smoked, raw-cured, as well as boiled and smoked sausages, hams, a variety of meat gourmet foods and other similar products.

Features of heat treatment chambersHeat Chamber

A heat chamber is a thermally-insulated chamber for processing products. A heat chamber for smoking may run on different fuels. The devices can run on gas, electricity or steam.

They allow to perform the following different technological processes:

  • Drying;
  • Steaming;
  • Hot or cold smoking;
  • Frying;
  • Baking;
  • Boiling.

Small enterprises will be satisfied with a one-frame heat chamber for smoking, whereas large enterprises use multi-frame devices.

The equipment is made of stainless steel and acid-resisting steel, which ensures its long life cycle. The right temperature inside the heat chambers is maintained with the use of heating coils. A heat treatment chamber has nozzles that let the steam out to maintain the humidity level. Besides, heat chambers also equipped with smoke generators. The devices are controlled by a computer with a pre-programmed stage of the heat treatment cycle.

Used or new heat chambers purchased on our web site work by a similar principle. After determining the type of procedure, the air flow exits the zone where food products are being processed and heads towards the ceiling. There the air is humidified or heated and mixed with smoke or usual air, then sent back to the products. After cooking procedure the fans suck the air through the blow nozzles located above the loading trolleys. If you buy a heat chamber for your business, you will be able to process a variety of products.

Used and new smoking heat chambers

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