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Buying an electric grill for a restaurant means to be able to cook everyone’s favorite dish under all weather conditions. These installations are easy to use, easy to clean and wash. They help to get a delicious and flavorful product. You can find similar equipment of various configurations and sizes on the Foodbay web site.

How to choose and buy an electric grill Electric Grill

Installations of different models have common characteristic components:

  • A control panel;
  • a heating coil serving as a main heating element;
  • a timer for setting the desired time parameters;
  • an automatic rotation system.

The power of the installations makes up 700-2,000 W. The price of an electric grill you plan to buy depends on these parameters. Devices with greater power are used on an industrial scale. For household use it is enough to purchase a devices designed for 700 W.

When you select the device, also pay your attention to its dimensions. Choose small vertical products for home use, they are compact, fry meat evenly and are easy to clean. For industrial purposes choose powerful installations capable of cooking a larger quantities of products.

The price of horizontal electric grills for enterprises is higher than the price of vertical installations for home use. Industrial devices take up more space, but have additional functions. You can use them for cooking not only meat, but also fruits, cheese and vegetables. Industrial installations have a built-in function of automatic reversion. It provides uniform frying of the product from all sides.

You can choose and buy the right equipment on the Foodbay web site. Visitors are offered devices with different specifications and capabilities. In order to pick up the installation, please use the convenient search filter.

Where to buy an electrical vertical grill

Foodbay is a specialized platform where visitors place free advertisements on the sale of their goods. You can also leave a request for the purchase of the necessary equipment. Here you can find the information about manufacturers, types of the goods offered and their price.