Technological Trolleys and Frames

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Technological trolleys are used to transport raw materials and products in meat production. It belongs to the auxiliary equipment designed for a variety of processes. The devices differ in parameters and technological specifications. You can find the similar equipment of different configurations on the Foodbay web site.

Specifications of technological trolleys

Technological Trolleys and Frames

The equipment used to transportation of food products should meet sanitary standards. It is made of corrosion-resistant materials. The equipment is easily cleaned, which makes it possibly to quickly prepare it for further use.

If you take the trolleys for a meat department, they can be divided into the following types:

  • Rickshaws;
  • dumpling trolleys;
  • curing trolleys.

A rickshaw is used for transportation of raw materials and products within the department. The front wall of the reservoir is slanted at an angle. Such design facilitates the reloading of raw materials.

Dumpling trolleys are used in meat departments to transport products located in trays, tins, food storage containers. Most often they are used for transporting frozen semi-prepared food products. For ease of use the equipment is provided with four swivel wheels.

A curing reservoir is used for salting and transportation of products. This is a meat trolley made of stainless steel representing a seamless vat placed on top of the welded frame. The equipment moves with the help of four swivel wheels with individual stoppers. To facilitate the draining of the brine, the reservoir is equipped with a pipe.

You can find the described equipment of such brands as Mauting Novotherm, Roser, CMSA, etc. on the Foodbay web site. The devices differ in design, carrying capacity, dimensions. The visitors are offered both new and used products.

Where to buy a meat trolley of stainless steel

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