Butchers’ vests stand out as comfortable and usable items among various working clothes. They are put on over a working suit (jacket) or overall. You can sell or buy vests and other working clothes for the personnel of food industry on the highly specialized Foodbay web site.

Features of vests for butchers

Vests for butchers

Thin cotton fabrics that are traditionally used to sew uniforms for the workers of meat industry have a limited lifespan. Their upper and middle parts - front jacket flaps, upper parts of overalls - are most likely to be prone to wearing. A special accessory will help to protect the fabric from premature wearing and the body of a worker - from accidental damage by a knife or bone fragments.

The main purpose of the butcher’s vest is to protect cotton clothes from moisture and accidental damage and the lumbar region of a worker - from drafts and cold. This item of working clothes is a long vest of a free cut with a hidden zipper or without it. It is put on top of the working set of clothes.

The vest helps to solve several tasks:

  • It protects the vital organs from hypothermia and accidental injuries;
  • It makes up as part of the corporate style;
  • With a bright color it is a marker for other employees;
  • It prevents the soaking of a working jacket.
  • It minimizes contamination of a working jacket.

Several types of vests are produced: standard vests, waterproof and insulated (quilted) ones. Different blended fabrics are used to sew the vests.

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