The international Free Advertisements Board enables you to buy or sell special working clothes for the food industry workers. We also offer a wide range of butcher’s working footwear serving as a means of personal protection of personnel.

Types and features of butcher’s working footwearWorking Footwear

Personal protective equipment for the workers of meat processing enterprises include footwear providing  the maximum protection of the feet and the compliance with the standards of hygiene during the production process. Manufactures making this footwear use only high-quality, durable and environmentally friendly materials. Shoes should be comfortable, meet the requirements of GOST (state standards) and hygienic standards.

Depending on exploitation conditions, butcher’s working footwear can be of the following types:

  • Winter: insulated boots, shoes and low ankle boots;
  • summer: sabots (shoes with a closed toe without a back or a heel);
  • for all seasons: low ankle boots and shoes.

Special footwear protects the workers’ feet from dirt, excessive cold or heat, mechanical injuries, influence of harmful biological factors. It should have an aesthetically pleasing appearance, high durability and exploitation reliability, be extremely comfortable to wear, selected by size.

Modern materials are used during the production of working footwear, which ensures a high level of feet protection. The soles should not slide, and the top should be resistant to high humidity, high and low temperatures.

Features of the purchase and sale of working butcher’s footwear

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