Bib overalls for butchers are in increased demand among the working clothes for the personnel of food industry. This working clothes is convenient, not hampering, you can quickly and easily put it on or take it off. A great range of clothing for the workers of meat industry is offered on our web site.

Bib overalls for butchers: cut features

Bib Overalls for Butchers

A lot of options of bib overalls are presented on the Internet and at retail stores. They all have several advantages in comparison with the traditional bottom part - trousers. Spacious trousers with a bib and wide straps are successfully combined with the top part of the suit – a jacket.

The characteristic features of bib overalls for butchers include the following:

  • The open upper part, not hampering when cutting a carcass with a knife;
  • a loose cut of trousers, ensuring freedom of movements at the workplace;
  • uniform distribution of load on the belt and straps;
  • maximum protection of the bottom part and middle part of the body from impurities;
  • durability.

The main advantage of bib overalls is the effective protection of the lumbar region from cold and draughts. Such working clothes are necessary for the work outdoors or indoors at a low temperature due to the nature of production.

When sewing high trousers with straps, dense materials are used - cotton, twill, diagonal cloth, as well as blended fabrics of white, orange, brown and other colors.

How to buy bib overalls for a butcher?

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