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Almost all technology processes in meat industry involve permanent contact with meat and semi-finished goods throughout the shift. Therefore employees often require flexible and durable moisture-repellent gloves made of rubber or PVC which can be bought or sold on

Moisture-repellent gloves: types and specifications

Moisture-repellent Gloves

Taking bones or flesh with bare hands is not hygienic and dangerous because meat juice has an irritating effect on the skin. In order to protect the hands, the workers of meat industry use special gloves. If chain mail products are designed to protect hands from accidental damage and injury, moisture-repellent gloves perform another function. They effectively resist moisture (water splashes, blood, meat juice). In addition, there are universal products combining the strength of stainless steel and the ability to repel liquids.

Any model of moisture-repellent gloves should perform the following things:

  • Fit the size of a worker’s hands;
  • fit the hand in a proper way;
  • be easy to disinfect and undergo multiple washing;
  • be reliable and durable;
  • have a long lifespan;
  • have light weight;
  • be tightly fastened to the wrist (by straps or wide elastic bands).

The color of moisture-repellent gloves can be what you want. It is selected to match the working clothes. Light and cheap models are made from rubberized fabrics or PVC, just like aprons. Multi-layer chain mail gloves will cost a little more money, but it will be fully paid off by gloves’ versatility and other useful properties.

Where to buy moisture-repellent gloves for protection from moisture?

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