Chain Mail Gloves

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Hands are one of the most vulnerable parts of the body when working with meat. That is why many companies providing their personnel with working clothes, aprons and goggles prefer to buy chain mail gloves that are offered on our site in a wide variety.

Germ-free chain mail gloves: features and principles of selection 

Chain Mail Gloves

The market of working clothes and accessories presents a wide range of gloves of various sizes and styles providing full freedom of movements and protecting the palm and fingers from knife cuts. The prices for chain mail gloves for cutting meat depend on several parameters. These include the brand name, thickness of the steel wire, the presence of corrosion-resistant and antibacterial coating, cut (with 3 or 5 fingers), and flexibility. A used butcher’s chain mail glove will cost slightly less, however, its lifespan will be shorter than of a new one.

Thin wire made of stainless steel is used for making chain mail accessories. Corrosion-resistant layer on a metal surface ensures long service life of products, prevents appearance of rust and loss of flexibility.

The main purpose of chain mail gloves is the protection of hands’ skin from injuries and damages. Strong and durable steel resists any cutting and piercing tools used by butchers in the course of work: blades of knives, spikes and so on.

Chain mail gloves must be:

  • Strong;
  • light-weight;
  • flexible;
  • convenient in work;
  • resistant to mechanical damage and corrosion;
  • easy to fasten;
  • non-toxic;
  • nondispersive.

Before one buys a chain mail glove for meat deboning, one should pay attention to its weight. The specificity of butcher’s work implies that the butcher uses heavy tools. Therefore, the protective accessory for hands must be light and provide comfortable working conditions. Otherwise the employee’s hands will quickly get tired.

Where to buy a metal chain mail glove?

The advertisements section of our website enables you pick up a chain mail glove – either five- or three-fingered - of any size. Here you can also find working clothes and personal protective equipment for employees of meat industry presented by leading manufacturers. All products have high quality and affordable prices. We also offer you to place your advertisements on the sale of equipment and accessories for butchers on the most favorable terms and conditions.