Gloves for butchers

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You can sell or buy working clothes and personal protective equipment for the workers of meat industry on the highly specialized Fooday Advertisements Board. Butcher’s gloves are a very popular element of working clothes which will help you to protect your hands from splashes and injuries.

Types and features of butchers’ gloves

Защитная перчатка мясника

The sleeves of working clothes belonging to the employees of meat industry, as well as protective sleeves, reach the wrist, leaving hands open. This part of the body is considered to be the most vulnerable due to the specificity of work involving regular contact with meat, semi-finished goods and piercing/cutting tools. The market offers different types of gloves and mittens. They all differ in their lifespan (disposable, reusable), size, style and type of material. All parameters are selected individually according to the specifics of the profession and anatomical structure of the employee’s hands.

Before you buy protective butcher’s gloves, it is important to determine their degree of protection and type of material. Rubberized models are designed to protect hands from splashes of water, blood and meat juice, as well as from smaller fragments caused by cutting bones. However, they will not save you from sharp knife blades.

A more usable and durable option is chain mail products. They help to protect the hands from punctures or cuts, and the light weight of gloves makes the work more comfortable.

The most successful models have several layers:

  • The top (front) layer is woven of thin steel wire covered with an anticorrosive substance;
  • Then middle (waterproof) layer is made of a thin waterproof material;
  • The internal layer (seamy side) is made of soft water-absorbing fabric.

The gloves are fastened to the wrist by a strap. The price for butcher’s gloves depends on the material they are made of.

Where can I buy protective butcher’s gloves?

A variety of gloves for butchers at quite affordable prices, as well as other auxiliary accessories and personal protection equipment for vision and hearing, can be purchased with a profit, using our web site. The advertisements section presents high-quality goods from the leading Russian and foreign brands. We also offer you to post free applications on the sale of working clothes and equipment for meat industry.