Just like in many other industries, meat industry uses a variety of personal protective equipment for hearing and sight. These include ear protectors and production goggles which can be purchased on the Free Advertisements Board of Foodbay.

Types and features of goggles for eyes protection at the workplaceSafety googles for butchers

There is always a danger of potential damage to eye-balls or retina. The company is obliged to provide its staff with all the necessary means of protection meeting current safety requirements. Thereby the risk of small particles getting in the face and eyes is reduced.

The working clothes are designed to protect the body, gloves are for hands. The glasses of the goggles closing almost half of the face or more can perform several functions:

  • They prevent tiny particles of bones from getting in the eyes or on the skin when cutting meat;
  • they protect a worker against splashes of meat juice or blood;
  • they provide a reliable barrier to vapor, gases and steam;
  • they help to avoid the negative effect of bright light on the organs of vision.

Goggles differ in their specifications, weight, size and design features. They prevent accidents and occupational injuries. For the maximum convenience they are equipped with soft inserts that facilitate a perfect fitting of goggles on the nose.

The glasses of production goggles are made not of traditional glass, but of solid durable polycarbonate. Manufacturers offer different types of frames. An additional coverage may be applied to the surface of the glasses.

Where to buy goggles for eyes protection at the production unit?

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