Personal protective equipment includes ear protectors. They are required in rooms with a high level of noise (slaughter house, cutting department) and for working outdoors. You will find many advertisements on the sale of personal hearing protection devices on our web site.

Ear protectors: specifications and degree of protection

Ear Protectors

Ear protectors consist of:

  • A headband (a semicircular arch with adjustable length connecting both “ears”);
  • two cups – “ears”;
  • additional fasteners facilitating the device’s reliable fixation of the head.

The traditional type of a headband is a folding one. Its length is set individually, depending on the proportions of the employee’s head. For those wearing a helmet, the versions with an occipital headband or bump hat fasteners are more convenient.

The cups of ear protectors have a multilayer structure. The front part is made of durable plastic of small weight and resistant to temperature changes. The plastic is often painted in bright colors. The inner part (soft rollers) is made from a gel or foamed plastic. The rollers densely adjoin the external ears without creating excessive pressure.

Before you buy ear protectors, it is important to examine their degree of protection. Models with passive protection are in high demand in food industry, this option offers no possibility to speak by internal communication. They will be sufficient to suppress the surrounding sounds (up to 80 dB). Active protection means the efficient suppression of sounds over 80 dB and internal communication – this option is rarely used in meat industry.

The price of ear protectors depends on the brand and manufacturer. But don’t try to save on the purchase at the expense of quality.

Where to buy ear protectors?

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