You are able to buy or sell protective sleeves for butchers - the auxiliary accessories designed to protect working clothes from getting wet and extend their lifespan on A protective sleeve closes the bottom half of the hand (from elbow to wrist), enabling you to easily put on a working glove.

Types and specifications of protective sleeves for butchersProtective Sleeves for Butchers

Cotton working clothes are easy in care, air-penetrable, usable. Special covers are used for the protection of clothes, their type, style and materials being selected depending on the specifics of work.


Protective sleeves for butchers are manufactured from a variety of materials:

  • Disposable protective sleeves are made of polyethylene film;
  • Waterproof ones are made of rubberized materials;
  • Water-repellent ones are made of polyvinyl chloride.

Disposable protective sleeves are characterized by low price and small strength. Rubberized and PVC items are reusable. They are worn on top of working clothes and are great in protecting the workers from water, blood and meat juice. Such accessories do not require any complicated care and are efficiently disinfected.

The main purpose of protective sleeves is to protect the light fabrics of working clothes from getting wet and various kinds of contamination (fine chips, sharp bone fragments, etc.), as well as to maintain cleanliness at the workplace. The ends of the accessories are fixed with the help of an elastic band or a wide rubber band.

Where to find high quality protective sleeves for butchers?

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