Modern butchers’ jackets significantly differ from older ones. They not only have a comfortable cut, but provide maximum freedom of movements. View the advertisements on the sale of working clothes for the personnel of meat industry on the web site.

Butcher’s jacket: types and features of cut

Jackets for Butchers

The upper part of the working clothes for the personnel of food industry has several characteristic differences. These include:

  • Convenient closure (a zipper is the perfect option);
  • The absence of small decorative details, according to safety regulations (buttons, pins, etc.);
  • Collar’s cut reaches the neck right under the throat;
  • Long loose sleeves without cuffs and elastic bands, with protective sleeves worn over them;
  • The entire length reaches just below the waist.

The capabilities of manufacturers allow to sew different jackets for butchers. These can be heat-insulated, quilted models with backing that are designed for the work at low temperatures - in warehouses, freezing chambers, etc. Light clothes items are made of dense cotton fabrics with twill structure arn suitable for normal working conditions – cutting of carcasses and pieces of meat, production of semi-finished products, etc.

Jackets are worn in different ways, depending on the design of the bottom part of the suit. They are put on top of trousers without tucking or under bib overalls. Clothes with long sleeves made of moisture-resistant durable fabrics can be presented separately or be a top part of a working suit.

Where to buy a butcher’s jacket?

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