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A classic butcher‘s suit is one of the universal versions of working clothes. Ordering it or buying a ready tailored one is much easier than selecting the top and bottom parts of the working suit separately. You can buy not only equipment, but also working clothes for the personnel of meat industry on the web site.

Design features of the butchers’ suits

Suits for Butchers

The basic purpose of working clothes for the personnel of food industry is to protect the skin from its contact with products and waste, preventing irritation and occupational diseases. A distinctive feature of a suit for meat departments is its maximum closure.

The composition of the suits may vary, depending on individual preferences or corporate style. A suit includes several parts separated from each other:

  • The top part: a jacket or a robe;
  • The lower part: trousers.

Suits win, as compared to one piece clothing (overalls) in their convenience, but are a little less usable.

Each employee is given six suits with the calculation that the clothing is changed daily, and one suit is a spare one. It will come in handy in cases of emergency:

  1. When a boar in a slaughter house tears a jacket;
  2. if a jacket sleeve or robe hems are accidentally damaged by a deboning knife.

Natural cotton fabrics of traditional white color are usually used for sewing working clothes. It is necessary to wear a waterproof rubber apron on top of a suit, and the sleeves are hidden under sleeve protectors.

Where it is profitable to buy a butcher’s suit?

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