Protection of the head during the working process is of huge importance, especially at modern meat processing plants. Specialized hats have been developed for this purpose, a special place among them is taken by butcher’s cap. It is an obligatory element of working clothes protecting the eyes and head of an employee from bright light, ultraviolet radiation and precipitation.

Features of butcher’s caps

Butcher’s Hat with a Visor

Working caps are used by the personnel of meat processing enterprises during the processing of different products. These hats are used by:

  • Butchers;
  • employees of restaurants or cafes;
  • workers of grocery stores.

The caps are characterized by its versatility, since they are suitable for both men and women. The size of a hat can be adjusted using the Velcro fasteners, special plastic or fabric fasteners.

This element of special clothes is required in small or large retail chains or stores. Butcher’s caps protects the heads of the personnel members working at slaughterhouses from various mechanical damage, bright light, splashes of blood and moisture. If you are working in a remote location, you can wear a cap backwards. In this case, the visor protects the back of the head and neck of the owner from bright light or rain.

Nylon, polyester, gabardine or various blended fabrics are used for manufacturing of this item of work wear, regardless of its purpose, because some of them increase endurance and strength, while others provide good ventilation. For the production of a visor they use cork, plastic and other materials.

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