Various hats help to ensure compliance with sanitary requirements at meat production units. The most simple design belongs to the practical and user-friendly butcher’s hat. Our catalogue offers a great variety of hats for the workers of meat industry.

Style and design features of butcher’s hats

Hats for Butchers

Light-colored cotton fabrics are used or sewing hats. The hat perfectly combines with any working clothes - overalls, suits, etc.

These hats for butchers solve several problems:

  • Prevent contamination of hair and head skin;
  • Ensure comfortable working conditions, preventing the hair from getting on the face and in the eyes.

Butcher’s hat has a low crown (band) and a high free bottom. Some models are provided with a lightweight flexible fabric visor. Its position is regulated: the visor can be bent upwards, to provide a maximum viewing angle, or downwards, protecting your eyes from the bright light coming from above.

Some hats are equipped with special mesh pockets. These are filled with long hair.

Lightweight cotton fabrics of white or other light color are used for sewing of hats. They can easily withstand multiple washing and ironing, as well as provide excellent air exchange.

The minimum number of caps per employee is 6, which corresponds to the number of suits of overalls.

Depending on the size of the head, hats can be men’s, women’s and universal.

Where to buy a hat for a butcher at an affordable price?

Hats for butchers and many other items of working clothes, as well as personal protective equipment (glasses, masks, etc.), are produced by different domestic and foreign companies. The web site provides the option of a quick and easy search, making it possible to find the right products and purchase them on any request. You can also place offers on the sale of working clothes, tools and equipment in the advertisements section.