In addition to hays and bump hats, caps for butchers are also in demand in food industry. They are characterized by their showy appearance, light weight, as well as increased functionality and convenience. A wide variety of headwear items for workers of meat industry are offered on

Design features of butchers’ caps 

Caps for Butchers

Butchers’ caps are similar to chefs’ hats in their shape. They are shaped as a high cylinder, sometimes the upper part involves a small oversize. This is done to maximize the access of air to the head skin and hair. Light-colored cotton cloth is used for sewing of such headwear.

Firm adherence of the band to the head comes achieved thanks to an elastic band or a broad rubber band. In some cases ties are used, but they are less practical.

A ventilation mesh insert is often made at the back of the neck and disguised by a lap of the same fabric as that of the main part of the headwear.

Butchers’ cap is aimed at solving several tasks:

  • It is an integral component of working clothes, serving as a finishing touch in the creation of the image;
  • It securely fixes the hair, prevents it from getting on the face or in the eyes;
  • It provides good visibility at the workplace;
  • It meets hygienic requirements.

The traditional color of the caps is white, other light shades of fabrics are also permissible. The number of these caps for one personnel member must match the number of sets of clothes (the minimum number is 6).

Where to find caps for butchers at an affordable price?

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