Alongside with natural fabrics, synthetic materials are widely used in the manufacture of clothing for workers of meat industry. This is exemplified by PVC aprons. They are affordable, durable and usable. The web site offers a variety of products of this kind.

Protective PVC aprons: purpose and specifications

Polyvinylchloride apron for butchers

Workers of meat processing industry prefer to use a food PVC apron as an item of working clothes for its several beneficial advantages. These include:

  • Creation of the most comfortable conditions for work (thanks to its light weight and convenient cut, it helps to keep the freedom of movements at the workplace);
  • Efficient protection of cotton clothing from getting wet and contaminated;
  • Protection of a worker from accidental damage by cutting tools (a blade will slide over the smooth surface of the apron, without doing harm to the skin);
  • Long life cycle;
  • Resistance to aggressive agents, animal fat and moisture;
  • Ease of care;
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance.

PVC is an artificial material resistant to punctures and tearing. It is absolutely safe for food industry because it does not have toxic effect on products, semi-finished products and human skin. The elasticity of the material and its light weight make the apron closely adhere to the body.

The lifetime of PVC aprons is far superior to the products made of rubberized fabrics. Adjustment of the apron’s position is performed by convenient ties: one of them is fixed at the waist, the second - on the neck.

Where is it profitable to buy PVC aprons and working clothes for personnel of meat industry?

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